On Site Training

Is it more convenient for you to train all of your employees at the same time in your facility?  If yes, CCLS can arrange for one of our trainers to conduct on-site training.  Whether it is one of the CBRF classes or one of our numerous continuing education classes, our trainers can tailor the training to reflect your company’s goals and address your employees’ needs.  We can provide you with a customized quote. Call or email us to find out more about this option!

Read below how others have used our on site training option.

Onsite Training Needed for New Facility Staff - An assisted living company was pleased to announce the soon-to-be opening of their second facility.  Wanting to be prepared for the first residents who could call it home, they began advertising for employees.  Given their rural location and a good economy, their recruitment endeavors were challenged.  By the time the employees were hired, there remained only a couple of weeks before the facility would open. The administrator called CCLS Training to request that all the required classes be conducted at their location over the course of two weeks.  We were able to arrange for a trainer to travel to their location and conduct the classes so by the move-in day of the residents, all employees had completed their training and were able to fulfill their responsibilities and provide the needed supports.  

Onsite Training Needed for Documentation Issues - As one facility’s administrator reviewed the residents’ records, she noticed there was missing and incomplete documentation.  After talking with the caregivers, she found that they were providing cares but didn’t understand the significance or process for documentation.  Her concern was for the liability of having poor documentation or no written verification of the care provided.  She had heard about CCLS Training from another company and so called to ask if we could assist with teaching her employees.  To make sure the training was appropriate, we spent a little time ascertaining the needs.  Upon a discussion of her goals for the training and the facility’s documentation format, expectations and process, we designed a documentation course specific to her employees.  A trainer traveled to the facility and conducted the course.  Following the class, the feedback from the employees was that the trainer really understood their charting process and provided a number of tips for completing it accurately.  The administrator said that we had met her goals for the training.

Onsite Training Needed for Continuing Education Hours - With a small facility in a rural location, the administrator found it difficult to secure the needed continuing education hours for his employees.  It was too costly to send each one to a series of classes and there was no one local who could provide the training at a reasonable cost.  In a conversation with another provider, the other provider mentioned that CCLS provides training but she didn’t know if we provided on-site training.  He called and upon finding out that we do offer on-site classes asked for a price quote for the need continuing education classes.  Upon receiving a price quote less than what it would cost him to send his employees to classes, he scheduled dates for classes relevant to the residents served in his facility.  By having all of his employees attend together, he was assured they all received the same information, were able to participate in class discussion and brainstorm with their co-workers, and met their continuing education hours. 

Onsite Training Needed for Resident’s Change of Condition - As residents age, there tends to be a decline of skills and often times new diagnoses.  This is what was occurring with one of the residents at a facility located in a neighboring county.  The administrator was concerned about the employees’ ability to support the resident as symptoms of dementia began surfacing.  Because the resident had called this facility home for the past ten years, the administrator wanted to make sure the resident could continue to reside there.  Her intent in calling CCLS Training was to provide training that would help her employees understand the resident’s new condition and respond appropriately to the resident’s increased need for assistance and monitoring.  After speaking with the administrator, CCLS Training revised their course on dementia to address the specific needs of her employees.  The trainer traveled to the facility and conducted the class with the administrator in attendance.  Since the course was specific to the facility, the employees were able to share concerns and receive possible support solutions from the trainer.  The administrator expressed her appreciation for the customized training, which increased her employees’ understanding of the resident’s condition.